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Smart Franking Machines FAQ’s

View our Smart Franking Machines FAQ page here and see if we can answer your most frequent asked questions about smart franking and smart franking machines. Hopefully we can answer your questions here. If we can't, get in touch with us today and we will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our services and smart franking machines.

Is my franking machine a smart compatible model?

There are many Smart Franking Machines currently on the market today, but if you are not sure if your franking machine is a Smart Compliant Model, then check our list of known compatible smart franking machines that can either be updated to be smart or are already smart enabled. View a complete list of SMART FRANKING MACHINE COMPLIANT MODELS here.

Do all smart franking machines print in blue ink?

Only some models are approved by the Royal Mail at the moment for printing in Blue ink. The most recent machine to be launched that is approved for use with blue ink is the Mailcoms Mailbase Pro / Pitney Bowes DM160i / DM220i. View our range of Smart Franking Machines here.

What are the postage prices for smart franking machines?

Postage prices are the same for smart franking machines as they are for standard franking machines. View the most recent and up to date 2019 Royal Mail Postage Prices HERE.

Can my franking machine be upgraded to a smart machine?

Some Models can be updated to become a smart franking machine, if you are unsure email us today at info(at)mailcoms.co.uk Let us know the make and model of your current franking machine and we'll contact you to let you know if it can be updated and the process required to get it updated.

Where can I get a smart franking machine?

You can get a Smart franking machine from any Royal Mail authorised franking machine inspector and maintainer.CLICK HERE for a Smart Franking Machine Quote today OR fill in the form to the right and receive instant Smart Franking Machine Quotes.

Does a smart franking machine automatically raise a vat statement?

Smart Franking Machines send data back to the suppliers server when you connect which stores data enabling for a VAT statement to be issued for services used where VAT is applied at the time of franking.

Do I have to change my franking machine to a smart franking machine?

No, you only need to change if you need to frank Vat applied services. Smart Meter is mandatory if you use any Royal Mail VAT Service or Product.

What is the difference between a smart franking machine and a normal franking machine (dumb meter franking machine)?

A smart meter enables the data to be transferred back to the server regarding the machines usage. A 'dumb' (standard) meter can only relay the financial data on the franking machine and is not able to relay data regarding types / classes of mail franked.

What is the Royal Mail saying about smart franking machines?

For more information visit the Royal Mail web site: http://www.royalmail.com/discounts-payment/franking/useful-questions-and-answers-customers-considering-franking

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