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Mailmark Franking Machines

Mailmark Franking Machines

Is my franking machine a Mailmark Franking Machine? This is a common question that customers ask us here at Smart Franking Machines. For this reason we have produced a clear and easy to read webpage that will give you a list of all of the Mailmark franking machines that are currently on the market. If your franking machine is listed below, you are eligible for Mailmark.

View the list below to see all of the current Mailmark Franking Machines Compliant Models.

Below is a complete list of all franking machine suppliers and their current range of Mailmark Franking Machines. This information has been collated from various sources including the original manufacturer’s web sites and from direct contact. If you are still unsure or need exact confirmation on all of the current range of Mailmark Franking Machines, then we would suggest that you contact your franking machine manufacturer directly.

Mailcoms Ltd Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Mailstart Plus (+)
  • Mailbase
  • Mailbase Pro
  • Mailbase Plus (+)
  • Mailbase Speed
  • Mailhub II
  • Mailhub II Speed
  • Connect+® 500W
  • Connect+® 1000
  • Connect+® 2000

Pitney Bowes Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • DM110i – (Available after update)
  • DM160i – (Available after update)
  • DM220i – (Available after update)
  • DM300c – (Available Late 2014)
  • DM400c – (Available Late 2014)
  • DM450c – (Available Late 2014)
  • DM475 – (Available Late 2014)
  • Connect+® 1000 / 2000 / 3000 Series

Neopost Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • IS240 / IS-240 / IS280 / IS-280 – (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
  • IS-330 / IS330 / IS350 / IS-350 – (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
  • IS420 / IS-420 / IS430 / IS-430 / IS440 / IS-440 / IS460 / IS480 – (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)
  • IS5000 / IS-5000 / IS6000 / IS-6000 – (Memory Upgrade Maybe Required)

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Matrix F12
  • Matrix F22
  • Matrix F32
  • Matrix F42
  • Matrix F62
  • Matrix F82

From what we can understand, none of Frama’s older breed of franking machines are set to become Mailmark compliant. This means that the older Matrix Range, Mailmax range and Ecomail range is not set to become Mailmark complaint. Instead Frama have released a new breed of Mailmark franking machines called the Matrix F range.

FP Mailing / Francotyp Postalia Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Postbase Mini
  • Mymail
  • Postbase Qi3
  • Postbase Qi4
  • Postbase Qi6
  • Postbase Qi9
  • Centormail
  • Qi 1000
  • Qi 2000
  • Qi 3000

This is only a guide as our current information on the FP Mailing / Francotyp Postalia Mailmark Compliant Franking Machine Models isn’t as comprehensive as others, so for exact confirmation on their franking machines which are Mailmark compliant models please contact Francotyp Postalia directly. They will give you conformation on whether your current franking machine model is a Smart Franking Machine.