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What is Mailmark Franking?

The Royal Mail have recently released their brand new Mailmark service for franking machines in the UK. This has made many businesses unsure if they need this service in their franking machine. Many people are also unsure what Mailmark actually is. For these purposes, Smart Franking Machines have come up with this quick and easy Mailmark Franking guide.

The new Mailmark service will offer businesses the opportunity to save even more money when franking their mail. Businesses will be able to use a brand new 2D barcode franking impression on mail items and this is how Mailmark will be recognized (see image to the right). Mailmark franking is an alternative solution to franking NOT a replacement so do not worry if your franking machine is not Mailmark compliant. Due to Mailmark being brand new franking technology not many franking machines are actually Mailmark compliant. If you are currently unaware if you are Mailmark compliant, then you view our Mailmark franking machines page here and see if you can gain access to this exclusive new franking service.

Mailmark Franking Prices 2019

Mailmark franking will give businesses lower franking prices meaning the savings made will be greater. Both the first class and second class Mailmark prices will save you more money per frank. View the first and second class postage rates for 2019 below for a more detailed look of the franking prices.

First Class Postage Rates

FormatWeightStampsStandard FrankingMailmark
Letter0 - 100g70p64p61p
Large Letter0 - 100g£1.06£1.0195p
101 - 250g£1.50£1.40£1.34
251 - 500g£1.97£1.85£1.73
501 - 750g£2.72£2.59£2.44
Small Parcel0 - 1Kg£3.55£3.48£3.48
1 - 2Kg£5.50£5.45£5.45
Medium Parcel0 - 1Kg£5.80£5.35£5.35
1 - 2Kg£8.95£8.26£8.26
2 - 5Kg£15.85£15.85£15.85
5 - 10Kg£21.90£21.90£21.90
10 - 20Kg£33.40£33.40£33.40

Second Class Postage Rates

FormatWeightStampsStandard FrankingMailmark Franking
Letter0 - 100g61p47p41p
Large Letter0 - 100g83p77p72p
101 - 250g£1.32£1.09£1.03
251 - 500g£1.72£1.41£1.35
501 - 750g£2.33£1.98£1.89
Small Parcel0 - 1Kg£3.00£2.90£2.90
1 - 2Kg£3.00£2.90£2.90
Medium Parcel0 - 1Kg£5.10£4.81£4.81
1 - 2Kg£5.10£4.81£4.81
2 - 5Kg£13.75£13.75£13.75
5 - 10Kg£20.25£20.25£20.25
10 - 20Kg£28.55£28.55£28.55

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