Smart Franking Is The Future

Find out about the Royal Mail smart franking scheme here.

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Royal Mail Smart Franking

The Royal Mail do not actually supply smart franking machines, instead they appoint a number of franking machine manufacturers and Royal Mail authorised independent franking machine suppliers that can all offer smart franking machines. To be an authorised Smart Franking Machine Supplier and Maintainer is an accolade envied by many as authorised franking machine suppliers have proven their ability to offer good and sound advice and service. Good service is essential when customers are effectively franking money on to envelopes.

The Royal Mail confirms that a SMART franking machine is essential and mandatory if your company uses Royal Mail VAT applied products and services, either domestic or international, as it will allow you to reclaim your VAT after payment. There are number of current franking machines that are listed as a 'smart franking machine compliant model'.

VAT reporting is possible on all smart franking machines as this enables the Royal Mail to use 'Data Capture' on the franking machine so that the information about the franking machines usage, which in turn enables a VAT statement, can be generated. You don't actually spend VAT when you buy postage for your smart franking machine, only when you actually frank a VAT service so the Royal Mail needs to know this at that time.

The Royal Mail are constantly developing new technologies that made easier by smart franking machines. Watch this web page for further smart franking machine developments and further developments within the Royal Mail where your Smart franking machine will come in handy.

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