A Brief History

See a brief history of the smart franking machine and where it came from.

Mailcoms Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

The History Of Smart Franking Machines

Many customers are interested in how smart franking came about. For this reason, Smart Franking Machines have decided to create this webpage so that customers can see the smart franking machines history. Hopefully we can give you clear insight about the history of smart franking and what may be coming in the future. View more about the smart franking machines history here.

Smart franking Machines have been around for a while and some models have allowed the Royal Mail to perform 'Data Capture' which basically tells them of the services you are using through your smart franking machine and the ones you don't. With this information the Royal Mail can look to improve some services making them more accessible through your smart franking machine.

In January 2011 HMRC applied Vat to some of Royal Mail's services including Before 9am Special Delivery and International Airsure. To continue using these services your franking machine had to be a 'Smart Meter' Franking Machine which also also allowed you to claim the VAT back from HMRC.

Cleanmail Advanced / Business Mail Advanced

In April 2012 the Royal Mail also applied VAT to the Cleanmail Advanced service (now known as Business Mail Advanced). Cleanmail allows the Royal Mail's sorting machines to read your franked addresses when preparing mail and as this save the Royal Mail time and effort, you can get item based discounts.

What Next!

As technology moves on and the Royal Mail looks to new technologies to streamline its operation, Smart Franking Machines will play a major part in the future development of franking machines.

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